What Car Would Santa Drive if His Sleigh Broke Down?

Oh no! Santa’s sleigh broke down and he needs a new ride. What car would he choose?

What Would Santa Drive

Stockings are hung. The tree is lit. Christmas music is playing everywhere you go. That’s right, it’s the holiday season.

At the end of the year things seem to be just a little bit more magical. Maybe it’s the vaguely annoying decorations everyone. Or maybe it’s just the fact that it’s already the end of a new year.

On the much awaited Christmas eve, Santa will slide down chimneys all over the world, delivering presents to all the good boys and girls, and chowing down on some homemade cookies (seriously, how does he even fit down those chimneys?).

But what were to happen if poor old Rudolph and his team of flying reindeer were out of commission? What if Santa’s faithful sleigh wasn’t so faithful and had a serious malfunction halfway into the night?

What would dear old Santa do then? Our guess is he’d find the closest car dealership and get himself a brand new ride. But what car would be Santa’s makeshift sleigh of choice? Let’s break down all his options, shall we?

Santa’s Need for Speed

That man has a lot of gifts to deliver in a very short amount of time. And now his sleigh has broken down and the elves are getting mad at him for being off schedule.

So what’s a Santa to do? Of course, he’s going to go with something with a little extra kick in it. He wants a car that packs as much punch in speed as it does in looks. Plus, that sleigh is a little out dated and doesn’t have all the nicest bells and whistles on it.

That’s why Santa would obviously choose the Ford Mustang. It’s got power, speed, and a sleek look that would make any reindeer jealous. If Santa’s driving that thing around, he’s sure to get all his packages delivered in no time.

Besides, Santa probably even has a little bit of a dangerous side. And the speed and power of a Mustang let’s him feel just a little bit more dangerous and mysterious than he normally does. So it’s no surprise he’d go with the Mustang.

Eco-Friendly Santa

But don’t you think Santa cares a little bit more about the environment than that? He’s a nice guy, and he seems to care about the world on a pretty large scale. So it wouldn’t be such a stretch if he wanted to go the eco-friendly route.

And what better car to save the environment than the Toyota Prius. It’s small, compact, and very friendly to our Mother Earth. Since being on the market in 2000, the Toyota Prius has saved 11.7 million tons of CO2 from being added to the atmosphere. That’s pretty friendly if you ask us.

Obviously Santa’s regular sleigh is pretty eco-friendly, considering it runs on reindeer power. So we find it completely plausible that he would opt for the Prius if he were stuck in this predicament.

Rebellious Santa Without a Care

The man in the big red suit sure has a lot of pressure on his shoulders. All those presents to and Christmas joy he has to deliver. He’s been doing this gig for a long time.

Maybe sometimes Santa dreams of taking the night off. If is sleigh really did break down, it would be the perfect opportunity for him to call it quits, throw caution to the wind, and ride off into the sunset.

Sure, that would be kind of cruel of him to not deliver all those toys, but the man works pretty hard. He might see a nice Harley Davidson that catches his eye and decide to leave the delivery business for the night.

Just imagine, Santa in all his gear hoping on a motorcycle and riding into the night. He’s ready to let loose and let out his wild side, and what better way to do it than with a Harley.

Extra Towing Power

In all honesty, it’s amazing that Santa is even able to lug all of those toys around with just his sleigh. It must have a pretty large holding capacity.

When he has a major breakdown, we’re sure that Santa would be looking for something with extra towing power. Besides, now that his sleigh isn’t working he’s going to have to tow it and all his reindeer back to the North Pole.

What better way to tow all that extra weight than with a good old Ford F-150 with it’s Super Duty towing power. It’s a popular choice when it comes to lugging heavy stuff around, and that’s just what Santa needs.

Smart, Logical Santa

Now, Santa didn’t get into his position without having some common sense and smarts. Santa knows that he needs to get his job done in a timely manner and with maximum efficiency.

So he’s probably going to pick a car that makes logical sense. Big enough for him and all the toys, but that also gets decent gas mileage to go the distance.

In that case, he’s most likely go with the Chrysler Pacifica, winner of U.S. News Best Minivan for the Money award for 2017. It gets 28 mpg on the highway and has plenty of space.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the most stylish car for Santa to ride around in on his one night out on the town, but he’s got a job to do and this mini van is sure to help him pull it off.

What Do You Think?

There’s no real way of telling which vehicle Santa would choose if he were in a pickle. After all, the man probably could just use his magic to whip himself up another sleigh.

But all things considered, he has a lot of great options for a back up vehicle. Personally, we think he’d go with the Mustang, because how cool would it be to see Santa whipping around on Christmas eve in that?

What about you? What vehicle do you think would be Santa’s go-to? If he could pick from any of our new or used cars, which one would he chose? Let us know!

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