The Request Your Car Story: How it Started

Request Your Car is founded on the principle that the online car buying space should help, not hinder consumers in getting the best deals. This is our story and why we do what we do.

Richard Rosenberg

Today’s blog is a little different. This isn’t you typical “how-to” post or where to get the best deals on new and used cars. See, we believe in the power of stories. How they can connect us, inspire us, and help build new relationships.

That’s why we want to share our story with you. Because, believe it or not, we are real people who run this company, not just a computer program designed by someone.

We care about our customers because after years of working in the automotive industry we saw a need for a change. A need for a better way of doing things. A need for a process that benefited the consumer more than the dealer.

And we’re going to share our story with you. Think of it as a little behind the scenes peek into who Request Your Car really is and why we’re are. And ultimately, why we care. Because it all stems back to that. We care. Not about ourselves, but about you, the buyer.

How it All Started

Request Your Car was created out of an idea that our Founder and President, Richard Rosenberg, had for a better way of buying cars. Since he was first introduced to the car business in 1997 in Orlando, FL he's had a passion and deep interests in how things worked and why.

Starting out as a car sales associate didn’t hold Richard back from aiming for new heights. He was quickly promoted and rose up through his local Ford dealership, where he received several awards and recognitions.

Not to brag, but we’re pretty proud of our Founder. He received Legend and Leader status for sales volume, finance volume and customer satisfaction, as well as the Ford BPN Summit club recognition and the Ford E2 Employee Excellence top group for customer satisfaction, sales volume, and product master certification. Those are some pretty solid qualifications if you ask us.

The Vision for RYC

As Richard worked in the car business, he was literally seeing changes happen right before his eyes. The marketplace was evolving rapidly as the Internet became more and more prevalent in our society.

People turned to online information to buy cars and dealers saw this trend. But Richard saw a lack of transparency between the dealers and the consumers and realized that the online role of dealerships was to get customers on the lot, not to give them the most accurate information.

The online market continued to evolve, and companies like Autotrader began offering services as lead generators for the dealers. These companies were charging a pretty penny (and still do) to dealers for access to customer's private information.

This service has turned into a source of frustration for both the buyer as well, because there information is being shared with multiple dealerships which leads to an insane amount of unwanted solicitations. Seriously, way too many phone calls and emails go out to people who don’t even know how their information was shared.

Richard had a vision of doing things differently. He wanted an online market space where individuals could feel comfortable that their information wasn’t being shared to several companies, and they could trust the service they were working with.

He also wanted to help dealerships be able to stop relying on those services for lead information, which was expensive and rarely led to a sale.

The Unique RYC Approach

And that’s when the idea for Request Your Car was born. We’ve designed an easier car buying experience by having industry professionals represent the customers’ needs while protecting their pocket book and privacy.

We offer consumers a simple experience where they can simply search for the vehicle they want and request more information on it without having their private details or oh-so-coveted email address being sold to third parties.

Our process for getting you the best deal isn’t a complicated one. After a request is placed on our website, we deal directly with the dealership to confirm availability, pricing, financing, and set up a test drive.

There’s no selling of information and working closely with the dealership allows us to assure that we can guarantee the best price for our customers. All dealer calls, emails, and solicitations are directed through RYC so the consumer is not bothered. This saves you time and hassle during the whole car shopping phase.

Plus, there is never a cost or obligation to use our services, we’re here to help you. If the consumer decides to buy, great! We put them in contact with the dealer representative, but remain quietly in the background making sure each party is protected.


We believe buying a car shouldn’t be stressful, painful, or cost you your private information. Our process is simple, but sometimes simplicity is better. We believe in being transparent and open with both the consumer and the dealer to get a deal that everyone can feel good about.

This is our story. This is how we began. And we are thrilled that you have chosen to stumble upon our site to browse for your next car or just to learn more about buying a car online. We’re here to help change the way the online automotive industry operates, making it safe and hassle-free for consumers.

Request Your Car Free Car Buying Service confirms the dealers best price, compares finance & lease options, and arranges final delivery of your vehicle. Our no hassle promise means you always get a great car buying experience.