How to Sell More Cars Using Online Car Buying Services

Are you a dealership wanting to sell more cars online? These tips will help you increase sales using car buying websites.

How to sell more cars online

As a car salesman, you’re always looking for more ways to sell cars. And with the help of the internet, it’s seemingly easy to find thousands of qualified buyers constantly. The only problem is that many online car buying websites aren’t necessarily making good on the promises of thousands of ready-to-buy leads.

If you’re feeling like you’re not getting any good leads from your online partnerships, maybe it’s time to examine why. It is possible to make good car sales online without all the hassle.

Focus on Quality Not Quantity

A lot of car buying websites focus on providing a high quantity of leads rather than highly-valuable leads. They try to send out as many leads as they can to dealerships and often this results in a lack of qualified leads.

Sure, it’s nice to get tons of leads coming in. It’s what every salesman wants. However, if the leads you’re getting aren’t ready to buy or aren’t serious about purchasing the cars you’re offering, then they aren’t any good to you. Instead of focusing on getting more leads, focus on making more sales.

That’s why you should pick car buying websites that will deliver you quality leads that you know are ready to buy. Isn’t it better to get fewer leads that are more valuable than a bunch of leads that aren’t worth much? Obviously the answer is yes.

Think About Time

A big factor in selling cars is time. How much time it takes to track a lead down, the time it takes to make the pitch, and of course how long it takes to actually make the sale. The less time you spend on leads that aren’t going to end up making you any money, the better.

That’s why it’s important to consider how much time you’re spending on the leads generated by car buying websites. If you’re getting hundreds of leads per week and spending time following up with each one of them, there’s probably a lot of wasted time on leads that don’t actually pan out. If you’re spending too much time on something that’s not working, it’s time to recognize that and move on to other strategies that will work better.

If the leads you’re getting aren’t ready to buy or aren’t serious about purchasing the cars you’re offering, then they aren’t any good to you.

Focusing your time on leads that you know are more likely to turn into sales will ultimately be more profitable for your business. That’s why you need to be associating with companies that are committed to only delivering you highly-qualified leads that are in the market.

Stop Focusing on Fictitious Buyers

Not only are the leads that you may be getting not ready to buy, but they may not even be real buyers at all. A lot of the times car buying websites will send you leads with hardly any information or not even a real name and phone number.

Good services will filter leads through pre-qualifiers, making sure that you are getting concrete information from a real person. You have their name, contact information, and what they’re looking for.

If the car buying website doesn’t filter their leads like this for you, it’s important to do it yourself. Any leads that you get that don’t have all of the basic information and don’t seem like they are ready to buy should be put aside. Those leads aren’t real buyers and they won't result in any more sales for you.

Sell More Cars Online

Ultimately, if you want to make more sales through online car buying services, it’s important to really analyze the leads that you’re getting. You may be limiting your sales simply because you aren’t getting any valuable leads.

Make sure that the companies you work with are committed to giving you only high-quality leads, and not just a high volume of leads. In the end it will save you time, and result in more sales. If you’re really ready to get serious about selling more cars through online services, check out how we can help. Here at Request Your Car we only provide our Dealer Partners with high-value leads that are ready to buy.

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