How to Buy a Car (the Old School Way) in 10 Animated Gifs

Oh the joys of buying a car the old school way. Thank goodness the car shopping experience isn’t like this anymore.

How to Buy a Car

You told them what you’re looking for and yet it seems like that's not the car they want to sell you. They keep taking you back to that one really expensive car that is way out of your price range and isn’t even close to what you described.

1.It all starts when you’re feeling tired of your old car and you want something new.

You’re sick of driving around in an old, beat up car. You want that feeling of excitement, joy, and pride that a new car will bring. And all of a sudden it seems like everyone else has a new car too.

2. So you roll roll into the lot like

You decide to make the jump and buy a new car. You feel great. You’re on top of the world and you ride into the dealership full of confidence and excitement.

3. As soon as you pull into the dealership the salesmen jump on you like a school of sharks

They’re all trying to get your attention. And they want to you to pick them, look at cars with them. You can just feel the greediness oozing out of them.

4. Then you aimlessly walking through rows and rows of cars feeling overwhelmed.

You didn’t come into the dealership with an idea of what car you wanted to buy, so they end up walking you through all of the rows, and after a while it starts to feel like way too much. See: 5 Tips for Using an Online Car Buying Service

5. The salesman are pushing cars on you that you don’t even want

6. Finally, you pick a car and start the negotiations. And the manager strolls in like

You can tell he’s a pretty cocky guy who thinks he owns the situation.

7. He wants to show you who’s boss so he pulls out his wallet full of cash

You’re not really sure what that has to do with anything but apparently, he wants you to know that he’s got all the money and he wants yours too.

8. Then begins the sleazy tactics. And you feel all the pressure is on you to buy

You can tell when he tries to use some of those sleazy tactics on you and it feel all wrong. And yet there’s nothing you can do to stop it. See: Car Salesman Tactics & Techniques: How to Recognize & Avoid

9. You finally make a “deal” and they throw confetti, but down inside you’re not really sure if you really got a good deal or not

It’s like, wait, did you win or did they? You think you got what you wanted but there's still a feeling in the back of your mind like you’ve been cheated a little bit.

10. Then you think, “Hey, at least I got a new car.”

You drive off the lot feeling a mix of excitement and exhaustion. You did it, you got the new car you wanted. And you feel pretty good about that but also pretty overwhelmed by what just happened. Now you’re feeling ready for a nice shower and a nap.

Good thing there are online car buying services like RYC so you don’t have to deal with all of that.

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