Buying a Car with Good Resale Value: A How To Guide

If you’re looking to buy a car with resale in mind, here are a few key things you should look for.

Buying a Car with Good Resale Value

When you’re buying a car there are many different factors to look at.

If you are considering selling your car later on, you need to be even more conscious about the choices you make. Many people buy a car based on what they like or want, without giving much thought to the resale value of the car.

However, if you’re looking to buy a car knowing that you intend to sell it, you need to consider more factors than just your own likes and dislikes. Before you take it out for a test drive, determine which factors will make it a good car to resell later on. Because there are certain aspects that will help you pick cars with good resale value.

Think About the Options

When picking the options on your new car, certain ones will help you get a better price when you go to resell it. Because people tend to prefer some options over others, you should be choosing those options that more people prefer.

One thing to consider is the interior of your car. When deciding between leather or cloth seats, keep in mind that leather interiors tend to sell better. Also, a car that has a sunroof is more favorable than cars that don’t. So it may be worth it for you on the back end to spring for these upgrades when you purchase your new car.

Color of Car is an important resale indicator
You might want to think twice about that flashy color that you love so much if resale is important to you.


We all know how important the color of your car is. Not just because it is the car that you will be driving around in all day for the foreseeable future. But also because of what color other people like. When you’re buying a car with resale in mind, color is huge factor.

You may love that bright yellow color, but chances are it’s going to hurt you when you go to resell it. Cars that are acolor that is neutral, like black, white, or grey, are typically cars with good resale value. These are colors that pretty much anyone will like and it will help your car sell better. Red is also a popular color, so it’s not a bad choice. Stay away from colors that are overly flashy or very particular, they won't appeal to the masses.


A lot of people tend to buy a car for a specific reason. Maybe it’s something they’ve been wanting for a long time, or they need it to do a job, or maybe they need more space for an expanding family. If you want to get the most value out of your car when you resell it, be aware of what kind of car you buy.

Although buying a car just because it’s on sale or part of an end of the year car deal may be tempting, it is a good idea to consider the type of car you’re buying before jumping on the deal. Typically, a SUV will sell better than a Minivan. Although a Minivan maybe a “sensible” car, it’s not what the majority of people are looking for. Be sure to select a type of car that will appeal to the widest range of people, rather than a narrow group.

Be sure to select a type of car that will appeal to the widest range of people, rather than a narrow group.


When looking for that new car, be sure to check the reviews. A car that is more popular in the reviews is more likely to getter a better resale value. If you buy a car that isn’t known for its overall quality or a brand that isn’t trusted, you will have a more difficult time selling it. Pick a car or a brand that has good reviews and ranks highly among customers, this will help you in the long run when selling the car.


If you’re planning on reselling that car, the work isn’t done once you’ve bought it. Keep in mind how often you use the car and how far you are driving it. Cars with less than 75,000 miles tend to sell better than ones with higher mileage. Monitoring the milage you’re putting on your car and getting a quote periodically can help you determine when the best time to sell your car is.

Get The Most Out of Your Resale

When you’re shopping around for a new car with resale in mind, it’s important to choose the right one to get you the highest return. The decisions you make could have an impact on the value of your car when you’re ready to sell it. Keep in mind these 5 tips to help you get the most out of your resale and find a car that you enjoy and will also help you get the best value later on.

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